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How to Move Forward with Generative AI, LLMs - SHRM

Voice Phishing: How to Protect Yourself from Phone-Based Scams
Voice Phishing: How to Protect Yourself from Phone-Based Scams
Voice phishing, often referred to as vishing, is a deceptive technique that cybercriminals employ to trick individuals into giving personal and sensitive information over the phone. We will explore voice phishing, its definition, how it operates, common variations of voice phishing scams, and, most importantly, how you can identify and prevent these attempts to protect […]
How to Regulate Unsecured “Open-Source” AI: No Exemptions | TechPolicy.Press
How to Regulate Unsecured “Open-Source” AI: No Exemptions | TechPolicy.Press
Unsecured “open-source” AI systems pose a massive series of threats to society and democracy, says David Evan Harris.
How to Survive the Big Tech? - IDN-InDepthNews
How to Survive the Big Tech? - IDN-InDepthNews
By Azu Ishiekwene The writer is the Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief of LEADERSHIP newspaper based in Abuja, Nigeria. “Every morning a lion wakes up, it knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve to death…It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle, you better be running”. — First used […]
How to plan a safe battery energy storage project
How to plan a safe battery energy storage project
Although very rare, recent fires at energy storage facilities are prompting manufacturers and project developers to ask serious questions about how to design safer projects.
How to protect yourself against deepfake attacks - Innovation Village

10 common termination traps — and how to avoid them
10 common termination traps — and how to avoid them
The uncomfortable and legally challenging aspects of terminations can be ameliorated with careful forethought and planning, write Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP attorneys.
Inside a new CISO's first 90 days: How to start strong - SDxCentral

How to tap QMS methodologies for speeding AI adoptions
How to tap QMS methodologies for speeding AI adoptions
It may hold that applying established people/process/technology principles can help hospitals move AI from experimental research settings to regulated clinical practice.
First-year pharmacy students learn how to work with non-English speakers
First-year pharmacy students learn how to work with non-English speakers
A recent two-day workshop helped familiarize pharmacy students with the multicultural communities they will be serving in Spokane and other West Coast urban centers.
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