Feel free to download News Pursuit and Spacegetti software, which are available for free. Enjoy!

News Pursuit

News Pursuit functions as your personal reporter, continuously monitoring Google's and Bing's RSS news search engines based on your chosen keywords, and at a selected interval. When it detects a news event that matches your keywords, it cross-checks the news headlines with its archives. If it's a new occurrence, it will notify you through a popup desktop alert in a selected color and duration, play a designated sound file, and email you a summary of the news articles with links to the complete text.

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This software captures chosen images at designated intervals and sets them as the Windows Wallpaper.

Sources Include:

G16 Full Disk Natural Color
G16 Full Disk GeoColor
G16 Full Disk Band 13 (10.3um)
G16 CONUS Natural Color
G16 CONUS GeoColor
G16 CONUS Band 13 (10.3um)
G17 Full Disk Natural Color
G17 Full Disk GeoColor
G17 Full Disk Band 13 (10.3um)
G17 CONUS Natural Color
G17 CONUS GeoColor
G17 CONUS Band 13 (10.3um)
H8 Full Disk Natural Color
H8 Full Disk GeoColor
H8 Full Disk Band 13 (10.3um)
JPSS Northern Hemisphere Natural Color
JPSS Northern Hemisphere GeoColor
JPSS Northern Hemisphere Band 13 (10.763um)
JPSS Southern Hemisphere Natural Color
JPSS Southern Hemisphere GeoColor
JPSS Southern Hemisphere Band 15 (10.763um)
SDO : 4096
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day
NASA Image of the Day
Real Time Sky Map

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