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Von Wallace

Hi, my name is Von Wallace 🚀

Web Development, Application Development, Database Administration, and System Administration

Visit my website, vonwallace.com, to explore a range of PHP-based IT and cybersecurity tools that I've developed. One notable creation is a multithreaded IP scanner, akin to nmap but with a user-friendly interface, released as open source. I am dedicated to contributing to the broader IT and cybersecurity communities, evidenced by the numerous projects, including various IT tools, shared on GitHub.


JavaScript PHP Python HTML5 JQuery CSS3 Bootstrap Webpack MongoDB MySQL PostgreSQL .NET Docker Linux MacOS Raspberry Pi Google Cloud



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  • Project Management
  • Training
  • Hardware
  • Software Development
  • Customer Service
  • Performance Optimization
  • Process Improvement
  • IT Strategy
  • Mentoring
  • Systems Integration
  • Team Leadership
  • Peripherals


  • Visual BASIC 3.0 to VB.NET/ASP.NET Developer:
    • Specialized in ActiveX, SQL, ODBC, Winsock, DAO, OLE, CGI, Win CGI, ISAPI, and ADSI (135 months).
  • Router, Hub, and Switch Troubleshooting and Configuration:
    • Expertise includes Cisco routers (126 months).
  • Windows Server (Advanced) 3.51-2022 Developer/Administrator:
    • Extensive 245 months of hands-on experience.
  • Backend Enterprise Automation Scripts:
    • Authored over 1000 scripts.
  • Terminal Server and Citrix:
    • Windows Server 2000-2019 (126 months).
    • Citrix (12 months).
  • PowerShell:
    • 48 months of experience.
  • VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V:
    • Comprehensive knowledge spanning 108 months.
  • Firewall and Network Services:
    • Expertise with WatchGuard, Pfsense, SonicWall, Unifi, Cisco Meraki, Proxy, DNS, VPN, RAS, RRAS (102 months).
  • SQL Server 6-2022 Developer/Administrator:
    • Practical experience over 108 months.
  • IIS 3.0-7.0 Developer/Administrator:
    • Hands-on experience for 48 months.
  • Exchange Administrator:
    • 5.5-2010 (48 months).
  • Novell Administrator:
    • 2.15-OES (132 months).
  • AIX, Unix, and Linux Administrator:
    • Practical experience spanning 108 months.
  • Web Technologies:
    • Proficient in PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Oracle, and Google Cloud (24 Months).

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