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IT Pros' Glowing Testimonials

Below is a collection of testimonials from colleagues and clients who have generously shared their feedback over time. Their kind words reflect the value and impact of our work together. For more detailed endorsements, please visit my LinkedIn profile via the link below.

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  • Image of Jamal Mezanazi
    🌟 Jamal Mezanazi - President at Capistrano's Inc.

    December 11, 2012, Jamal was Von’s client

    "I have hired Von or our IT need at the Capistrano's and Embassy suites hotel, Von has always preformed his task with great attention to details, in a timely manner, with professionalism and courtesy. As many businesses rely on technology, keeping the network going and secure is a great deal. I would highly recommend Von for your IT needs."

  • Image of Peter Karaganis
    🌟 Peter Karaganis - Technology Executive

    March 2, 2018, Peter worked with Von but on different teams

    "Von is very talented and resourceful. He is the kind of IT person you want on your team when you have difficult problems to solve. He helped our team with a number of time sensitive issues, and his ideas were creative, efficient, and pragmatic. I have worked with Von at two different companies, and I would not hesitate to work with him again."

  • Image of Christopher Parsons
    🌟 Christopher Parsons - Senior Director of Site Operations at Alternative Biomedical Solutions

    February 28, 2018, Christopher managed Von directly

    "Von is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional. His troubleshooting skills allowed him to diagnose and resolve issues quickly, resulting in little impact to production. Von was always willing to go above and beyond for the company. He adapted to the situation as needed, staying late, working weekends, or working remotely to provide the company with the support and service needed to maintain production. I believe Von's experience and technical abilities would make him a valuable asset to any employer."

  • Image of Raj Mandalia
    🌟 Raj Mandalia - IT Director at Javelin

    February 28, 2018, Raj managed Von directly

    "Von is a dedicated and competent developer; he has he ability to dig deep and find the resources necessary to complete any task given to him. Wishing him the best of luck with all future ventures."

  • Image of Robert Cantwell
    🌟 Robert Cantwell - Sales Executive at Arbola, Inc.

    July 9, 2008, Robert was Von’s client

    "My business was built on the expertise and creativity of Von Wallace. I can not recommend him highly enough. He is essential to the development and success of any small business. Please email me for additional details [email protected]."

  • Image of Shawn Armstrong
    🌟 Shawn Armstrong - Associate Director of Delivery on Assignment at Toyota Motors North America

    September 22, 2015, Shawn managed Von directly

    "Von is one of the most technical, innovative & creative people I know & I would highly recommend him to any position he's interested in."

  • Image of Laz Espinosa
    🌟 Laz Espinosa - Manager - Systems Administrator at Pace Analytical

    February 28, 2018, Laz managed Von directly

    "As our local Systems Administrator for our Dallas lab, Von was an exemplary employee and valued member of the Pace IT team. His vast IT skill set will be an asset to any company looking for an honest and dependable IT member."

  • Image of Rajeev Suri
    🌟 Rajeev Suri - Sr. Oracle DBA at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    March 3, 2018, Rajeev worked with Von on the same team

    "I worked with Von for a year at CompuCom and have known him outside work as well. He is an approachable and humble human being. I consider Von an IT problem solver with a broad set of toolkit. He thinks outside the box and is not afraid to try new ideas to solve problems at hand. I would recommend Von for any IT position without hesitation."

  • Image of Curtis Wyman
    🌟 Curtis Wyman - Software Engineer, IBM

    December 8, 2012, Von was senior to Curtis but didn't manage Curtis directly

    "During the four years that I worked with Von Wallace, I had the opportunity to see him in action numerous times. He wrote much of the code that kept SITEL alive on a day-to-day basis including the workstation security app that faced every telemarketer. He was in responsible for more things than seemed possible, yet he did it with grace and ease, always displayed a positive attitude no matter how rough it got, and always came through with solutions quickly that worked! He has a very impressive knowledge of many different hardware structures, operating systems, networking, along with all of the telephony devices and systems the company used. He has a talent for solving problems and is a very fast learner. In the twelve or thirteen years since we have worked side-by-side, I have not found many people that can do the things that he could do. I continue to learn a lot from Von and I fully believe in him. I am honored to endorse Von Wallace as I know his skills, attitude, and work ethic will help make any company succeed."

  • Image of Elizabeth Fredette
    🌟 Elizabeth Fredette - Database Administrator Pace Analytical Services, Inc.

    March 2, 2018, Elizabeth worked with Von but on different teams

    "I was fortunate to work with Von Wallace at Pace Analytical. I am an Oracle Database Administrator and Von was a regional System Administrator. Von is a highly technical, kind, and humble individual. He is always willing to share his knowledge. Many of his ideas contributed to the greater System Administration team across multiple regions at Pace Analytical. Often, Von went out of his way to design and offer creative technical solutions. At a group meeting in Minneapolis, a problem was discussed over dinner. Von coded a solution that evening and shared it with others in morning. I find Von to be very conscientious with a sense of urgency placed on his tasks. I feel he would be a critical and valuable resource to any organization. Von is easy to work with, and his skills are top notch. I'll miss working with him."

  • Image of MaryAnn Cain
    🌟 MaryAnn Cain - HR Professional

    March 1, 2018, MaryAnn worked with Von but on different teams

    "I’ve enjoyed working with Von over the last several years. Von was consistently a pleasure to work with and took on his assignments with dedication and enthusiasm. I would strongly recommend him for any System Admin/IT job position."

  • Image of Carol S. Barnes
    🌟 Carol S. Barnes - Open for Virtual / Consultant Work

    January 27, 2011, Carol S. was Von’s client

    "Von has helped me more than once with admin issues, including routine setups and emergencies. He's quite knowledgeable and great to work with. I highly recommend him."

  • Image of Leslie Underwood
    🌟 Leslie Underwood - Deputy Court Clerk

    March 16, 2018, Leslie worked with Von but on different teams

    "I had the pleasure of working with Von for 5 years at Pace Analytical. Von was always eager to help with any IT question and would always update the group on new technologies. He would be an asset to any organization."

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