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Bringing together DevOps and mainframe security
Bringing together DevOps and mainframe security
As more businesses look to modernize their DevOps toolchains, evolving security challenges have made DevSecOps a critical component of ensuring an organization is able to secure its mainframe operations.
LaunchDarkly Previews Generative AI Testing Tool for Feature Management -
LaunchDarkly Previews Generative AI Testing Tool for Feature Management -
LaunchDarkly previewed an ability to leverage generative AI capabilities to create experiments for its feature management platform.
DevOps Best Practices for Faster and More Reliable Software Delivery -
DevOps Best Practices for Faster and More Reliable Software Delivery -
DevOps will be even more ingrained in the software delivery process, with advancements in AI introducing unprecedented levels of automation.
CircleCI Extends CI/CD Reach to AI Models -
CircleCI Extends CI/CD Reach to AI Models -
CircleCI is extending the reach of its CI/CD platform to make it simpler to incorporate AI models into DevOps workflows.
Platform Engineering: The Next Evolution of DevOps
Platform Engineering: The Next Evolution of DevOps
By bringing increased automation to DevOps, platform engineering is helping organizations to improve deployment speed, reduce costs and make IT environments more adaptable to change.
DevOps - The Web's Largest Collection of DevOps Content
DevOps - The Web's Largest Collection of DevOps Content has the largest collection of original content related to DevOps on the web and one of the top result for DevOps-related search terms.
Application Modernization: A Catalyst for Fixing Sub-Optimal UX -
Application Modernization: A Catalyst for Fixing Sub-Optimal UX -
Modernization efforts to improve legacy systems allow public and private organizations to operate more efficiently and improve UX.
What are the Benefits of DevOps? - TechRepublic

Bitrise Tightens Mobile DevOps Integration With AWS Cloud Services -
Bitrise Tightens Mobile DevOps Integration With AWS Cloud Services -
Bitrise tightens integration between its DevOps platform for mobile apps and the app development services provided by AWS cloud.
Leveraging Crowdtesting in DevOps to Enhance Quality Assurance (QA) -
Leveraging Crowdtesting in DevOps to Enhance Quality Assurance (QA) -
There are still challenges for QA teams within DevOps, including the need to "shift left." Crowdtesting can help.
DevOps Strategies for Connected Car Development -

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Is DevOps dead? - The Stack
Is DevOps dead?  The Stack
DynTek and rSolutions Acquire Arctiq, a leading Cloud, DevOps ... - Yahoo Finance

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DevOps Lead - IT-Online
DevOps Lead  IT-Online
The Akeyless State of Secrets Management Report: 96% of ... - PR Newswire

CISA, NSA Issue Supply Chain Security Guidance Report -

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